HOMEplxce is an educational consulting firm dedicated to the mobilization of survivors of childhood sexual assault as Liberation Arts-based Community Health Strategists across the Blxck Queer Diaspora.


Get YOur Power Back-Blxck Freedom Art Healing Vortex Flyer

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HOMEplxce: Healing Truth to Power 

“I may be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it.”–Dr. Maya Angelou

Vision Statement: What reality is HOMEplxce committed to creating?

Communities void of rape culture where all sexual assault Survivors everywhere have access to everything needed to heal whole and free again.

Mission Statement: How does HOMEplxce imagine achieving said vision?

To co-create work, home and healing spaces with Blxck Queer Female Survivors to build generational self-determination outside of isolation through Liberation Arts.

Core Principles: On what grounds does HOMEplxce thrive?

Sustained through cooperative economics and transparent honesty in business, HOMEplxce centers those who are marginalized in dominant culture–namely Black, Queer, Gender Non-conforming, differently abled, Intersex and Female assigned at birth folks who’ve been touched by poverty–as well as a deeply rooted commitment to dismantling structural oppression through Horizontal Leadership, Liberation Psychology, Racial Justice, Reproductive Justice, LGBTQ+ liberation, trauma-informed and Intersectional organizing, prefigurative politics, transformative justice, education as praxis of comprehensive freedom, and a love ethic.

Urgent Need: Why must HOMEplxce exist?

Please find pertinent statistics attached. HOMEplxce is committed to creating conditions within self, relationships, institutions, and structures in which these statistics can no longer persist. Feel free to plan your read, as the content may be activating energy to come up in order to come out. Love is always happening for and with us, not against us. When we freeze, the fight and flight trauma responses can get trapped in the body and remain there until we intentionally discharge the penned up energy. Such is the intention of Liberation Arts here at HOMEplxce.

Core Values: Why is HOMEplxce unique and how will it be sustainably effective?

HOMEplxce is committed to abolition, liberation, leadership, intuition, creativity, solidarity, and indomitable spirit.

Project Description: HOMEplxce connects urgent needs and desires to resources, services, and the support of Black Queer Siblinghood to organize chosen families for collective healing and to conduct ongoing participatory action research in order to creatively strategize sustainable means for cultivating generational self-determinism by rehearsing all we need to get free and stay free!

Siblings, welcome home! We are our greatest medicine. We are everything we need to be free. Let’s gather to create spaces for our “souls can crawl out of their hiding places,” and blossom life out of challenge. Come on home to yourself at HOMEplxce: Healing Truth to Power Retreats. If you are interested in joining this collective of love-spirited collaborators, reach out. IG: @HOMEplxce See you soon, Family!

Transformative & Healing “Justice is what love looks like in public.”